Friday, November 26, 2010

♥ Allah

It becomes so fast.For less than 1 year, Allah granted me with all pleasure by being as a muslimah( sound that i m reverted, but i am)Knowing islam more and more every day, befriend with many muslimah around the globe become as my part of life now.I m now is very different than 2-3 years back.I completely the different person.It seem that i born into another person.Alhamdulillah 3la qulli hal.Allah is very close to me and i know in my heart that Allah hear my du3a......Allah Allah Allah.Pleaseee Allah, lead me to the right path always because i need you in whole my life, every second, every every breath i take i say your name Allah.who create me and this world ♥ I m weak and I ask you to give me the strength to follow Your divine book Quranul Kareem and sunnah Rasulullah ( Peace Be Upon Him) throughout my journey into the Paradise el firdous, ameeeeen .