Friday, July 31, 2009

Exam is coming near


The war will coming , just before eid holiday,means on 15-17 September.
Have to start from now to get excellent marks
More writing and discussion, less blogging and Facebook (just less not stop, but it changeable)
Lots of doa and prayer
And last but not least, consistent and determination.



Went shopping
Bought new abaya
I think it is all I want :the length suits me best
In my wardrobe, I have 4 abayas, quite a lot ( I just start like it 3-4 months before )
Wanna buy for my mom, but no size, ended up buy for mine

Me is wearing new abaya with gray pashmina

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Activity in weekends

This weekend, I spend my time helping my team doing decoration as well as souvenier for health exhibition that will be held on October.2 months from now, but we want make an early preparation as possible.So, I took some picture for you to enjoy. There are many topics about health during the exhibition, but our group are in Ophthalmology station.So, I took some picture for all of you.
Am I cute?

Actually the colour is purple, but when it appears on camera, it turns to blue.

Chocolate tower,really dont have work.Just take pic

Another view of Chocolate Tower

Before the deco

Chocolate Tower falls...haha.Not stable.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Ich bin learning German language.I think it is much easy,quite.If anybody can help me in grammatik, you are most welcome.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This one a kind of abaya I wore to lecture 2 weeks back.How do you think?But it is almost less the same, not exactly the same.

End of Block

Alhamdulillah, we finished our 2nd block at 4.44pm Malaysia time.This whole week is quite hectic for me plus all the aches I got after jogging.I deserved it as I left it for about 2 months!It hardly not me,at least.I got to know many friend from ward round and experience throughout this.My friend aka my ex room mate asked me about outing this weekend.But , due to so much I have to do this weekend; Healthex decoration,study group and self study,maybe I can make it on saturday only, not tomorrow.They say we will going to the who are going to insist that?Tell me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When I couldnt sleep..

I stayed up yesterday as I cant sleep due to my evening sleep.Seriously,I didnt know what to do except chatting with my friend that I knew in one of learning language site and living in Malaysia now.It is great feeling to able chatting with her after not hearing from her quite 1 week.But, I totally super miss her.She is not well but she told me she went to Pangkor with her children last week.She went to Perak, my hometown.She told me about so many Chinese living there.And later we talked about history of Malaysia.And I dont know why I was so melancholic when I told her about how hard the Occupation though I never face it.We talked about other topic until she stopped.I realised I couldnt sleep yet,so I took German language class in internet.Well, I can speak it a little,I guess. Mein name ist Sayyidah Nafisah.It is easy compared to French..

Is this a way to sell own self????

I headed to my room with very exhausting feeling.On the way to my hostel, I was the last one and walk very slowly as there was a bunch of student headed to the same way as I was.And they walked damn slow like in a fashion runway or what.I just be patient with the situation and the sempit corridor when one of construction worker called loudly: zero, one, four...with the Kelantan dialect.What the f is he doing???But I just ,seriously I want burst out at the moment, but I can stand that..Haha..Live should be not serious ,OK.Later, I just thinking of sharing to all.Is this the way??But, this is 1st time I experienced,it occur only at Dubai as I know , I didnt expected it can occur in Malysia too..

Monday, July 20, 2009

A moment to remember

My friends and I were shopping last weekend.It took almost 9 hours shopping from evening till night.But I had a very nice day with them, eating out and hanging out since enter new semester.I bought an abaya, simple flower and pashminas.I just want to buy all as the price is so reasonable compare if I buy via online , but then I think over it, it is enough for this moment,at least.Then, I bought pumps that I always dream of but my decision is so late.I have looked once and decided I dont need that. Later,when we were almost wanted to left KB Mall, then I said, sorry I think I want to buy that shoe..haha.So, without wasting more time, I grabbed one of my friend's hand and hurried to the shoe store at 2nd floor where I first saw the shoe, and without thinking just pay.I also tried sushi at the first time, but it going OK to me,indeed I am not a picky eater.I eat whatever I want to eat.It is such a nice moment spending the weekend around with friends, though sometimes we have to wait for others, as long as I get what I want and we were out from campus.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wearing abaya

Yesterday was a new experience to me.I wore an abaya and in public which is I never did before.But, I hope this is the starting or bench mark for me to wear it like wearing baju kurung or t-shirt. Personally speaking, I am very comfortable wearing it, as boys didnt disturb me and even my classmates respect me more especially boys. But, my roomate said, are nice at this, but look at your shoes...still rock..haha.Actually I didnt wear sandals or nice-heel, but just a kind of sneakers. What is wrong with that?Haha, I know how to wear abaya and still being someone that your all know, babe. I forgot to take a picture I wore that abaya, a simple nice abaya.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New experience

Today is my first day wearing an abaya.It is great but I feel unease, as this is my new experience in public.But, i dont know, I feel very confident and more secure. There is no boy to talk bad to me, and even the public respect me more,I think.But, I forgot to take my picture me wearing that abaya, very simple. Personally speaking, I like wearing it, and maybe I'll decide to be one of abaya wearer for the whole, Insya Allah.

Friday, July 10, 2009

New story

It have been so long not writing in this blog.I'm quite busy within this week with so much work to do.But,Alhamdulillah I managed to do.Today is weekend, so I just surfing and reading any other blogs. I just posting to let else know that I'm still alive. No new story from me, except I'm in the effort to collect as much as more abaya for my collection. I am new for this, but here I know they will still look me oddly. Well, I just wanna finish my notes and go to a stroll with my clique in the evening. I am in happy mood cause one of my friend that I knew from online have been arrived to KL. And I hope to meet her, Insya Allah.