Sunday, June 28, 2009

Become a housewife

My mom and dad is going somewhere in Johore to celebrate my cousin's wedding. The 1st wedding of my grandmother'grandchild from my mum's family. But I cannot go cause I have to take care of my siblings. It is not an easy task. I have to do all including cooking, which is I 'm lacking of.But, I realise it is the perfect time to learn. Well, I can cook but not as good as my mom is.

Friday, June 12, 2009

hello all

This is the picture of my abaya that I bought one month ago but I just managed to downloaded today. Well, I never wear it outside my home but I plan to wear it during my cousin's wedding this month.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holiday : Agendas

It almost 3 weeks in my holiday time. So what I did so far?

1) Helping my mom doing house chores. It it a must and this is the way I help my mum and the family to make the house clean..Besides I learn how to do that and this.( But I knew already, jus polish it..hehe)
2) I played Chocolatier- Yahoo! Game. until I entitled as Master Chocolatier.I do like chocolate best.
3) I took drivin license.
4) Cooking, but not so much.I dont like cooking but I have so many idea about cooking, excuse me I know how to cook-the basic, of course
5) Last but not least, I study-my subject and Islam subject.I also help my siblings ...but I have to search them, quite hard. I teach them Science. English anything I can teach as well as give the motivation support..they need that though they are just primary school pupils..

Woman and extreme sports

Assalamualaikum all ...
This is actually I want to share you guys.I went to a camp before my holiday and I did rappeling.
It is very awesome you know.But being with boys were not very best, we have to cover all. Dont make me wrong , I did it because we have to and at the same time I dont want people say that when you cover your awrah you cant do this and that. We always got everything we want even if we are Muslim women..But could someone help us and the girls out there who wants to try extreme sports but still cover awrah and looks fab??