Thursday, June 4, 2009

Holiday : Agendas

It almost 3 weeks in my holiday time. So what I did so far?

1) Helping my mom doing house chores. It it a must and this is the way I help my mum and the family to make the house clean..Besides I learn how to do that and this.( But I knew already, jus polish it..hehe)
2) I played Chocolatier- Yahoo! Game. until I entitled as Master Chocolatier.I do like chocolate best.
3) I took drivin license.
4) Cooking, but not so much.I dont like cooking but I have so many idea about cooking, excuse me I know how to cook-the basic, of course
5) Last but not least, I study-my subject and Islam subject.I also help my siblings ...but I have to search them, quite hard. I teach them Science. English anything I can teach as well as give the motivation support..they need that though they are just primary school pupils..

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