Monday, January 25, 2010

Palestine abaya


Just post this to say I like it.The palestine flag abaya, that I decorated and the Miss Abaya that I own.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Exam is just around the corner, and I am now entering the red zone,alert mood..So many thing happen, that makes me reflex back what I did within 1 week and anything around me.I now am undergoing another phase in my life. Woman phase,erk? Back to exam mood, I need to study hard this very time,no more play, no f**k Facebook, chatting, news maybe, but nnnoooo I need to update with news.escpecially now,in Malaysia..Egypt,Palestine,Muslim world, oho, I wish I dont have any exam..

Till then go reading anyone else blog..oh nobody cares of my blog..hehe

* And I have to let go someone this timo :(Have to.
Yes, Insya Allah everything will be better:)Just put trust in Allah because we never expected what miracle is Allah planning for us and me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Gen Y: Permata Yang Hilang


Alhamdulillah, Allah give me chance to listen to a talk show in my campus.That s so nice about Generation Y.What is the gen Y refers to? actually they are person born from 1982-2000.Then starting from 2001 onwards are gen Z.But, what is best about the talk is Ustaz Hasrizal, well known as saiful Islam from name after his blog also are the person involve.Actually he is Gen X person hihi.
These all that I take from the talk.I just jotted down something I think may beneficial of us and ME as well.

The talk is about generasi Y escpecially in malaysia yg kita boleh katakan makin hilang permatanya, dari banyak segi, ilmu dan amal.Pemuda dan pemudi adalah aset negara dan zaman ini lah zaman atau tahap dimana semua orang jelous.Ye lah, budak2 nak cepat jd besar.and Orang tua pun ada yg nak jadi muda.Zaman tenaga masih ada lah katakan...

Jadi, 3 orang panel; Prof Rashidi from A n E department yag terjun jadi ustaz , Kak Jazimah, senior 5 Medic dan Ustaz Saiful Islam.mengupas topik ini, macam mana gen Y ini boleh berubah dan mengilap potensi diri.

Gen Y ada determination but usaha how??
Jwpan by Ustaz:Tukar kata hati
2)Puji diri sendiri tp disandarkan kepada Allah
3)Buat ayat yg menghasilkan diam.

Kata2 Ustaz yg sy rasa menarik.
1)Mengubah diri untuk menjadi hebat, it is not an option it is a MUST!
2)Syurga/heaven only for great people.
3)You have just to believe
4)Bertanding dgn diri sendiri
5)Jangan berpuas hati dengan apa yg ada di negara/diri sendiri.Do more.
6)Learn social behaviour in history.
7)Kalau hati saya dah bulat, tak ada siapa yg dapat menghalang.
8)keyboard warrior( new vocab)- a person who good online, but in reality become robot
9)Utk jadi org hebat:
-perlu jadi pekak sesekala
-Du'a yang ikhlas

Pemuda hebat berdasarkan fizikal,apa yg pemudi dpt sumbang
Answered by Senior Jazimah
-Wanita dapat melahirkan PEJUANG YG HEBAT.
-seorang wanita perlu memiliki personaliti unggul
-boleh memimpin

I hope this will make as a guidance to me and all
If dont understand can ask:)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Reality of Being a Student of Knowledge


What a long entry I think for today, but it is an excerpt and edited from an article

The Reality of Being a Student of Knowledge

Many people hear about the virtues of the student of knowledge and want to drop what they are doing to become one. However, it must be known, that not everyone is fit to be a student of knowledge.I hope I can be fitted one!!! Whoever intends to take this path, before leaving his home, work, and family, let him think about the lifestyle that awaits him.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Do you know that you will be studying every day for at least six hours? Even the lightest study schedules, like those found in the Islamic universities, demand at least six hours a day of reading. More serious and active students would consider six hours a day to be quite a weak and empty schedule. But let us think about the easiest schedule - six hours a day. Are you studying at home at least six hours a day consistently? If not, why do you want to leave your country to do it somewhere else? -I must study at least 6 hours if I think I just the weakest student, so have to study MORE!!!

Start with the Qur'aan and whatever books you have about Islaam, and study them for at least six hours a day. Is this a schedule you want to live by? Can you keep this up for years?

What about your lifestyle? Are you doing things that you know you should have stopped a long time ago? Are there luxuries that you indulge in that you could not do without? Many students left their homelands and journeyed far only to find their addictions to television, movie theatres, music, and other things calling them back. Surely, you must wean yourself from the things that you know are wrong now, migrating from what Allaah prohibited within your own city, so that your migration to seek knowledge in another land will be successful.- Prevent myself from lagha things.

Do you have patience? Do you strive through deeds that are unappealing or do you abandon them once the difficulties come? Surely, seeking knowledge at times does not have the same appeal that it had before you began. I mean, for example, the student who is excited about studying the Sciences of Hadeeth will one day find himself memorizing the biographies of narrators - when and where they lived, who they met and studied from, who met and studied under them, when and where they died, what did the Imaams of Hadeeth say about them, etc. The student studying Fiqh will find himself memorizing information like the amount of zakaah due on 91 camels, 50 sheep, or $3000 worth of merchandise. Or he may memorize who gets one-sixth of a deceased's wealth, or who gets one-third, etc. Seeking knowledge is hard work that requires long hours of reading and memorization! It is often not as fun as it seemed in the beginning, nor will you always have the same zeal! Do you have the patience to stick with it over the years?-I need to memorise almost everything, not just for sake of EXAM!!!

If you are considering studying based on knowledge , then please consider this advice carefully. I hope that you find it beneficial, and Allaah knows best.

May Allaah Most High make the author from the firmest of the people upon this advice.

This article was taken from BAKKAHnet (

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nasyid wa pentomim


I hope I can go tomorrow,Insya Allah.Because only muslimat can join and participates.No boys allowed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Abaya is arrived


Alhamdulillah,penantian selama 1 bulan terbayar sudah.Abaya yg dipesan sudah tiba.Bestnya, I think it suits me very well.Bought from MISS ABAYA.Actually I want to wear this abaya during the opening ceremony of Minggu Penghayatan Islam(MPI), but I wear the old,that I have.Masya Allah, I am little surprised, most of student wear black abaya..I like it- design variation.Just imagine- malaysian student wear abaya, it is very harmonise:) and nice.I am crazy -abaya,abaya,sick of it.

Friday, January 1, 2010



skateboard??Yeah,I enjoy that sport a lot.But I never hanged out with skater boys or girls before.I had my teen years just anyone else.The feeling to try something new, but Alhamdulillah I don't involve that kind of group.I tried playing the skateboard after my bro bought it and I tried it but I fall and had bruises.And it OK after 2 weeks,and I promised not to play it any more.Have you tried it and had the same experience like me?I miss it :(


All styles I never tried, but to me they are VERY cool!!!