Friday, January 27, 2012

Misr- Egypt


I love Egyptians peep. they are like my sister n bros
i m with you, revolution of Egypt 2011

Thursday, January 26, 2012

next is Morocco المغرب‎

 what remind me of morocco or maghribi in malay language is this : Harira soup from Ya Salam Cooking

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Спрездом в россию - welcome to Russia


                                                                   Saint Basil's Cathedral

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bienvenue à Paris!

Assalamu alaikom/hi

the first would be Paris 

I like Paris and for me , Paris is where fashion blooming. I already  bought a french book 2 years ago and some vocabs are stick into my brain still..

Sunday, January 22, 2012

my brain is working now :D

Assalamu alaikom/Hi

Hope you are in best health and eeman.(faith).
Well, it makes me happy when i see in my stat that many readers are internationally :D Thats great, but sorry i m not good in English. i try my best but it never enough.

I m thinking to do a post everyday about 1st impression or what comes up in my mind based on where my readers come from. For eg: India, so what is first comes to mind: Taj Mahal. so i ll do about that ,ok.
And i ll do the rest for others country as well, :D

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cute reminder

Assalamu alaikom/hi 

"Allah can reach each falling tear,

He sees the heart that needs a cheer,

He knows the path that's hard and clear,


Don't ever give up cause He's always near."
                                                                  from: Habibi Halaqas

Friday, January 20, 2012

Have faith to Allah (God)

Assalamu  alaikom/Hi

No matter how hard the life is, hold this tight: '' Worries end when faith begins." 

dont give up, but pray so hard , and return to Allah 
so , lets try
keep smile :D

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Product Review: Modest Sea Swimwear

Last year , i entered a Giveaway - Modest Sea Swimwear by Miss Hijabi blog. I entered in hope to win their lovely swimsuit that actually i m looking for .(at that time i really looking for muslimah swimsuit) And I won!. yeay alhamdulillah
so as promised, they sent me a swimsuit of my choice: Amelia which now in sells at Modest Sea for $203.
About Modest Sea

Modest Sea was first realized by designers who noticed the lack of fashionable and beautiful Modest swimwear in the market. Their designs are created in Bologna, Italy.With a long history of swimwear design, their designers came up with a beautiful and original swimwear collection which combines feminine beauty with comfort and high quality.Their fashionable swimwear provide a designer solution to those seeking Modest swimwear whether for religious purpose or personal taste.
And now, Modest Sea is having an incredible sale. so check out their page to grab one. Modest Sea also is the best choice as you can mix and match , accesories your swimming apparels or buy separately as you like.

Here is my review

The whole swimsuit is plain, except for eye-catching flower motif. I love this pretty design and that make it special because i m sick of having same typical black of swimsuit.
It has full coverage and really modest. it suit  me pretty well except for the top is too long, it reaches until under my knee, (maybe because i m too short- i m 159cm, skinny) but it is not bug me at all :D It doesnt stick to body but left some area and i thought the pant will be like legging, but it is not . For me, it is perfect !. And also, it comes with headcover with turqouise soft visor, it covers my head properly, and you shouldnt worry of any hair comes out while swimming. And for me, the idea of visor is really wise and pretty cool (but sorry , i didnt show my face), as just wearing swim headcover makes us look weird, but not with a visor :)

 It  is  incredibly lightweight and flexible. It's perfect for swimming and running around on the beach. The most important thing that i wanna emphasize here is  that the material is not only completely water resistant with AcquaZero  but also 100% chlorine resistant, 100% wrinkle resistant, highly durable with exceptional UV and doesn't absorb the water like other materials can. Check out the proof below. It just glides off.

*I highly recommend this for those who like to being modest yet wanna be stylish . splash!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I love my bulatan gembira (circle of happiness)

Assalamu alaikom/Hi

take a break after 2 hours study (I made it,yay!alhamdulillah)

i just wanna share about my usrah (7alaqat ilm) . Do you have attend usrah every weekly? Well, I have and I love it to the the moon.  I just joined it without fail this semester (unless I have something more important to do). Each week, a sister (sheikha) will conduct us but all the tazkeerah are from us, she just adding here and there :D What i like about it basically? because this semester we starting to memorise ayaat Quran! oh my Allah, How i like it soooo much, Up to now, i managed to memorise 5 new suraah from Juzu' 30 and Alhamdulillah i m so happy with my progression . Every week our task is to memorise new suraah and this sister will correct us(if we make mistake) .Honestly, since Ramadhan last year, I ve been thinking to memorise more suraah , and Allah make it for me. Besides Quran memorisation, we will discuss about Seerah (which I like too) and also Tafseer ( duoble triple like) So... what about u? I love my happiness circle and ukhuwah  <3
we not just discuss about islamic ilm but sometimes we have our eating our session, which we like a lot too

study freak

Assalamu alaikom/Hi

1 week holiday for Chinese new year,Yay !!! ecxited but i didnt going home, sadly. something happen and i have to stay here in university, do some revision and whatnot. I just wanna spend my hols with reading reading and reading ,insha allah because i have big exam at the end of this sem, so i make up my mind i need to stay rather spend my holiday this time

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I hate library .not really

Assalamu alaikom /Hi

How a student can hate the library? well, I m not hate it 100% but it just we are not meant for each other. I remembered the last time i went to library was 2 years ago, what!!!

I do love library actually, i love the cold aircond,silent place all the decorated wall printed. it just each time i go there, my first intention to read all my notes or my subjects' books or go to Chemistry or Neurology shelves will  change with me reading those all religious books. Oh, yeah how much i love religious Islamic books, they have like 3 or 4 shelves and i can spend 1 day reading those books. They have  alot of collections that i wish i could have. I will enjoyed to flip each of books I like but then i will regret the time I spend not reading my own notes :(

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My 2012 wishes

Assalamu alaikom :) hello :D

Got inspired from a sister Asma's blog

i wanna do my own :D Enjoy