Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I hate library .not really

Assalamu alaikom /Hi

How a student can hate the library? well, I m not hate it 100% but it just we are not meant for each other. I remembered the last time i went to library was 2 years ago, what!!!

I do love library actually, i love the cold aircond,silent place all the decorated wall printed. it just each time i go there, my first intention to read all my notes or my subjects' books or go to Chemistry or Neurology shelves will  change with me reading those all religious books. Oh, yeah how much i love religious Islamic books, they have like 3 or 4 shelves and i can spend 1 day reading those books. They have  alot of collections that i wish i could have. I will enjoyed to flip each of books I like but then i will regret the time I spend not reading my own notes :(

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