Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I love my bulatan gembira (circle of happiness)

Assalamu alaikom/Hi

take a break after 2 hours study (I made it,yay!alhamdulillah)

i just wanna share about my usrah (7alaqat ilm) . Do you have attend usrah every weekly? Well, I have and I love it to the the moon.  I just joined it without fail this semester (unless I have something more important to do). Each week, a sister (sheikha) will conduct us but all the tazkeerah are from us, she just adding here and there :D What i like about it basically? because this semester we starting to memorise ayaat Quran! oh my Allah, How i like it soooo much, Up to now, i managed to memorise 5 new suraah from Juzu' 30 and Alhamdulillah i m so happy with my progression . Every week our task is to memorise new suraah and this sister will correct us(if we make mistake) .Honestly, since Ramadhan last year, I ve been thinking to memorise more suraah , and Allah make it for me. Besides Quran memorisation, we will discuss about Seerah (which I like too) and also Tafseer ( duoble triple like) So... what about u? I love my happiness circle and ukhuwah  <3
we not just discuss about islamic ilm but sometimes we have our eating our session, which we like a lot too

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