Sunday, September 11, 2011

1st day on 3rd year med school

Yeay yeay 1st day of school haha. am I so excited? well... no not really, the lecture already start but my session with dr. is cancelled to Tuesday sooooo, i m stucked at room, doing some revision.Yeah, i really dont know what should I do. so I m killing time by---study :::how nice :) Later on, will do some shopping.

Friday, September 9, 2011

from skype group:::

Hook Up with the Quran, Allah Will Hook You UpMARYAM AMIR-EBRAHIMI |

Veiled from sight, a young woman walked down the streets of Cairo, reciting Qur’an to herself and thinking about her goals. She loved the Qur’an and was passionate about studying and teaching it. She wanted to move to Saudi Arabia, where she knew of Qur’anic scholars from whom she dreamt of learning. She was mesmerized by Makkah and Madinah; she’d find herself spending hours making du`a’ (supplication) to visit the House of her Lord in Ramadan, to make the journey of Hajj, to walk through the land of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (peace be upon him). Working on a Master’s degree and traveling for hours in traffic to come to her students’ homes and teach them Qur’an never caused her to complain. She was constantly working on reviewing her Qur’an; she had memorized it completely from years past and she continued to review it to ensure it never left her heart.

Suddenly, she was stopped by a random lady on the road. “Excuse me,” the lady inquired, peering into the eyes of the girl whose heart burned with the inscription of the Words of Allahsubhanahu wa ta`ala (swt), whose face was veiled by her niqab, whose hands were covered by gloves, and whose body was cloaked by a long, flowing outer garment. “Are you married or engaged?” the lady asked. Staring at the lady, the young woman replied in the negative: hesitant, yet curious at such a loaded question from a random passerby. Considering her outer dress, the strange lady certainly was not asking because she found the young woman to be ridiculously beautiful. “I have a brother,” the lady explained. “He’s Egyptian, but he lives in Saudi Arabia. He has memorized the entire Qur’an. He has qualifications to teach it. He’s looking to get married. Might you be interested?”

Incredulous, the young woman exchanged information with the random woman on the street. Soon, their families initiated contact and within weeks, the brother of the strange lady had come to visit the young woman and her family. With time, prayers, and lots of consultation, the young woman finally agreed. She would marry the young man with whom she would live in Saudi Arabia, the young man who helped her plan to make Hajj that very year, the young man who had already memorized the Qur’an and who had dedicated his heart to the Book of Allah (swt). This young man, now her husband, was introduced to her by a random lady on the road.

This is the story of how my Qur’an teacher was united with her better half. She had devoted her life to the Qur’an and to her studies. She focused on her objectives of being a servant of Allah (swt) and of His Book, and maintained that focus in every aspect of her life. I would never have imagined that she would get married to someone who was the missing piece to everything she was looking for and even more. I should have realized that my puny imagination is nothing in comparison to Allah’s Power and Decree. Allah (swt) hooked up my Qur’an teacher big time and it could easily be argued that it was because she hooked up with the Book of Allah (swt).

Hooking up with Allah (swt) means being hooked up in the best of ways in every realm of life. Marriage, graduate school, studying overseas, relationship with one’s parents, getting a job, passing the SATs with high scores… you dream of it, yearn for it… who’s going to really give it to you? Your Facebook friends? Or the Lord and Ruler of all the Worlds (swt)?

Allah, the Exalted, has told us in a sacred hadith, “…the most beloved thing with which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon them; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing nawafil (voluntary prayers or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) until I love them, (so much so that) I become the hearing with which they hear, and the sight with which they see, and the hand with which they strike, and the leg with which they walk; and if they ask Me something, I will surely give them, and if they seek My Protection (refuge), I will surely protect them.”

Get this: Allah (swt) might not give you exactly what you want when you beg of Him in supplication, but because He loves you, He’ll always give you something better. The Prophet ﷺ has taught us, “Any Muslim who supplicates to Allah in adu`a’ which contains no sin or breaking of kinship, Allah (swt) will give him one of three things: either his du`a’ will be immediately answered; or it will be saved for him in the hereafter; or it will turn away an equivalent amount of evil (from him).” The companions said, “So we will ask for more.” He replied, “Allahu Akthar”–Allah is even more. More than whatever they ask, more than whatever we all ask.

Maybe marriage isn’t actually great for you and maybe that specific job won’t actually be everything which you’ve dreamed. There are numerous uncertainties regarding the outcome of our affairs. However, without doubt, when we hook up with Allah, if we’re sincere and determined to work, we can be certain that He will always guide us to whatever will ultimately bring us eternal happiness.

So, how can we hook up with Allah? How can we be of those who do our best to do obligatory actions and then run to our Lord through extra acts of worship?

Let’s take my Qur’an teacher’s example – let’s hook up with the Qur’an!  Let’s make the intention to become the people of the Qur’an! Let’s begin by believing with certainty that we want to make a connection with Allah’s Words; that we want the Qur’an to play a pivotal role in our lives. Once we’ve made that commitment, bi’ithnillah (with the permission of Allah), here’s a suggested plan of action:

If we’re in school, at work, have family or other obligations and are already squeezed for time, let’s make a commitment to begin by reading the Qur’an on a daily basis and in a language we understand because the point is to understand it and make that crazy strong connection with it.
Suggestion for those of us who just can not get off our laptops and always lament wasting time: make a sticky note to put somewhere on your laptop which reads something like, “Have you hooked up with Kitab Allah today?” or “[Your name here], don’t you want Allah (swt) to hook you up?” Hooking up with Allah (swt) is beyond any hooking up we can do over social media and will bring us ridiculous quantities of benefit in this life and the next insha’Allah!
If you are not yet able to read Arabic, keep up with reading the translation, and when you can, try to begin learning the language of the Qur’an. There are a ton of online programs for this now. However, never let language stop you from connecting with the Qur’an. Read the translation in any language with which you find easiest to connect, and with time, you will insha’Allah be pleasantly shocked at how much you’re finding your personal perspective to be one of the Qur’anic narrative.
If you already know how to read Arabic but don’t understand what you’re reading: begin by setting an amount of Qur’an that you’ll read every day in both the Arabic and translation. For example, if I know I’m intensely busy and updating my Facebook is also a significant part of my life, let me make a commitment to start with just five verses a day, both in English and in Arabic, and let me make sure I don’t sleep without doing my Qur’an for that day.
If you can make a commitment from now to memorize the Qur’an, start looking for a teacher who can help you withtajweed and once you’re ready, memorization. If you can’t find anyone in your area, then find a Qur’an buddy near you who can help you read and learn the basics until you find someone who can fully teach you. If you live in the middle of nowhere and there’s really no one near you at all, search online for programs which teach tajweed which you can do via Skype or other means from your own home. Readers, please comment with online programs you recommend! If you have no one but know how to read with passing tajweed, just start! Set a goal for yourself, write it down, and work on moving forward weekly. Thus, within a month, instead of having never opened the Qur’an, insha’Allah you’ll have perhaps even an entire new chapter memorized!
Finally, if sometimes you feel apathetic, find yourself slipping, or realize that your heart is feeling bored with trying to make a connection with the Qur’an, change your mindset. Stand up, say bismillah (in the name of Allah) and seek refuge with Allah (swt) from the accursed Devil. Jump up and call in a loud and exciting voice with an enormous grin on your face, “THE QUR’AN IS MY BEST FRIEND!!!” Maybe it’s not completely true yet, but insha’Allah with enough convincing, and moving your body in an excitable way, your total physical response to the Qur’an combined with your newfound daily relationship with the Book of Allah, will help your neurons make positive connections which they will soon need more than your lungs need air.
Let’s make the Qur’an our best friend! When we’re sad, lonely, depressed and frustrated, let’s say, “I needa vent with the Book of Allah,” and just recite it all out. We will find ourselves connecting with Allah’s Words, awed by the relevance of His Book to the exact tribulation we’re experiencing. When we’re elated, let’s say, “I can’t wait to tell all of this to my best friend” and run to the Qur’an! Not excited? Fake it till you convince yourself to make it, insha’Allah! Insha’Allah we will be shocked at the fact that even though we’ve read the same surah (chapter) a hundred times over, we don’t remember ever reading the very same dynamic words before. And when we’re too busy, let’s realize how eager we’d be if some public figure we thought was amazing just called us up on our cells. Wouldn’t we make time, wouldn’t our adrenaline suddenly rush when we see whose actually calling us?

So then, let’s rush with that same vigor to drop everything and make time for the most important One – the Rabb al `alameen, the Lord of the Worlds. Let’s develop a strong relationship with the Words which He has revealed to take us from the darknesses of this life to the one light and to help us be a means of benefit in society.

The Prophet ﷺ taught us, “The Companions of the Qur’an are the people of Allah, and His favored people” [Nisai]. Let us be of Allah’s favored people – those who work to recite the Qur’an by day and night, work to memorize, understand, and live by it! Let us consciously decide to strive to take it as our best friend!

Whatever we’re seeking, in this life or the next, let’s hook up with the Book of Allah and have certainty that because of the sincerity of our investment, Allah (swt) will hook us up in whatever ways are best.

me and new things

memang malas nak packed barang untuk masuk Univesrsiti balik lepas cuti 4 bln .soo aku buli adik aku utk kemas barang utk aku..** aku memang ada problem nak organize things hmmm.malas nak pack = malas nak balik u balik.but here I am, blogging from new room in the university. hope new semester will make me more organise person and more more mature #read : rajin..ok, sambung kemas balik

Sunday, August 21, 2011

the alphabetical tag

i took this tag from izdiher  I would like to tag : Piya and Izzati

– Available: 
– Age:just turn 23 on august 15.
– Animals: I like horses but not cat (i am allergic to furs)
– Beer:    haram ,7arammmm
– Body Part on opposite sex:  Eyes
– Best feeling in the world:feeling of wanted and be loved  .
– Best weather:    hot but chilly 
– Been in Love:    Yes.
– Been on stage:  No.
– Believe in Magic:   No.
– Believe in Santa:  Nope, he has no fashion sense :)
– Brand:  not specific


– Candy: I like to keep them than eat them. not sweet tooth
– Color: Earth colors
– Chocolate/Vanilla:Vanilla.
- Chinese/Indian/Italian:....Syrian-Turkish
- Cake or pie: Chicken pie
– Cheese: Love it

– Day or Night: Both has it own significant
– Dancing in the rain: Not yet.

– Eyes:    where love begin awwww .
– Ever failed a class:  class and is a part of life
– Enemies: make my confidence high up
– Exercise: Sometimes

– First thoughts waking up: Can i sleep more?
– Food: Love them to the max. i m high metabolism person so i dont care to eat eat and eat. but i like something spicy

– Greatest Fear: Allah
– Get along with your parents: Yes

– Hair Color:   None of your beewaxs, that s why I m wear hijab :)
– Happy:   Alhamdulillah.
– Holiday:  Like it but at the same time it kill me.

– Ice Cream:   Any flavor with some crunchy nut
– Jewelry:  Necklace n rings.
– Job:   i m student

– Kids:    I adore kids
– Kickboxing or karate:   Not interested.
– Keep a journal:   Yes .

– Love:  Fantastic feeling
– Laughed so hard you cried:    When i was fell somewhere, i laughed and cried at the same time, damn it s hurt!!!

- Milk flavor:   OKay
– Movies:Some movies
– Motion sickness: Nope !

– Number:   8

– One wish:  That all my wishes come true.ameen ameen

– Perfect Pizza: Dominos
– Pepsi/Coke:    both i hate 
– Perfume/Cologne: Perfume.

– Quail:  What is that?

– Reason to cry:  When I get hurt or dis appointed
– Reality T.V: I watched before
– Radio Station: ( rarely)

– Song:  any arabs songs
– Shoe size:  39 or sometimes 40
– Salad Dressing: Any 
– Skinny dip:no comment
– Strawberries/Blueberries:  Strawberry
– Sport:  sleeping (i guess it is sport,haha), archiving, horse riding, and swimming

– Tattoos:  none
– Thunderstorms:   I think it s like anger of Allah.

– Unpredictable: My future 


– Vacation spot(s):  Turkey: I  want to see Istanbul,Ankara  and many beaches of it .Especially  that part where two-continents get meet( in Bosphorus) .All Middle East : Jordan , Syria , Saudi  deserts . North Africa : Morocco,Tunis , Egypt , Libya ,Israel ,as well.And all Europe.   

– Weakness: I m human soo many weakness  
– Who makes you laugh the most: me myself. 
– Worst Weather:    Hmm, nothing actually .Only summer  at its peak and humidity.Usually I love Summer .

– X-Rays:  twice . 1 for university entrance ,the other one when i got ankle twisted.

-Year it is now: 2011.

      Zoo animal: Simple way to see wild animals than have to find them in jungle

Sunday, July 24, 2011

old friend will coming

ahhhhh, my old friend will coming on august 1st in sha allah...yeayyyyyyy ramadan will come again. see how miss i am to ramadan. i like ramadan a lot becouse to me it is not just a month but it is like we enter a school where we learn to be patient and more free to do ibaadah more .yes because in this month only we can decide to become good or bad .it is only us and our nafs... and i always choose to be the bestest muslimah and i wish you all ramadan mubarak may Allah bless us with more and more in ramadan and after it ameeeeeen

nefise , maleyzia xoxoxoxoxo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Eight : 10 of your favourite songs

ohhhhhhh this is surely the most difficult task for me... i dont listen to music soo much. i m a kinda feel that music is something that we should avoid of ( maybe like haram?!) but i sometimes listen to it when my mood is really down or i miss someone , or when i have exam i turn ON the music, to make my reading faster.yeahhhhh that is me.

so , here are some of my favorite music ( i can listen to many times and play it again and again)
#1 ekhtart sah - Amr Diab
#2 Laa ila ha illaa Allah - Mishary el-asfasy
#3 Quli uhibbuka - Kazem sahir
#4 Open your eyes - Maher Zain
#5 Mama - Maher Zain
#6 Aisha -Outlandish ( i like it i have many songs )
#7 ya Tayba
#8 Hey soul sister - Train
#9 Aishteru - Indonesia band ( dont know their name, but indonesian band got very nice songs)
#10 opening songs of beirut ...i love u ( i love u not)

so, the facts are : i like arabic songs more and islamic songs always have their tune in my heart ♥ for no 1-6 , i like most of their songs 
maybe you can listen to these songs and soon you will like it :D enjoyy!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Seven : 10 important people

10 important people who makes my life more precious in my good and bad times
and the award goes to ...

1) she who born me , the most important  people, my momma
2) papa, ,my hero
3) siblings , 13 of them altogether, you guys ROCK
4) bestie: i have many but the best are: pyah, ubai, su, safra,sarah and USM buddies : zati, nisa, min, air, su, bais, mimi and lotsa
5) my sisters in islam that i dont know or i never meet them but i love them
6) my teachers
7) he who makes my heart open again
8) you
9) you
10) you

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BEIRUT... I love YOu

long holiday is killing me.hmmm not really... but because my ankle is still not ok, i just stay at home and cant go anywhere ,that s why, if not i m the most difficult girl to control hihi. but i dont waste my time just sitting here doing nothing. i continue my studies in arabic language and its accent  as i might go there in sha allah. and i watched website movies i find out in YOU TUBE. it s great to help me in arabic ( lebanese) and it sooooooo hilarious !!! o M g
it is and i watch it again and again maybe like 3-4 times escpecially the 5th episodes hahaha

ma3 elsalamah 

Day Six : 10 items you can't live without

they are...

sony ericsson ELM handphone , it is  quite new ( not 1 year yet!) and i like it,it is pink :D

my 3 year-old laptop. actually i wanna buy new but becose it is still okay, i use it till now

my cutey little quran ;black and white stripey

mp3 my bro bought for me. i love it very mucho. it s angry red. like a germ and rare
>>>purse ic pasport money  and everything in it hahah i dont have purse actually, i lost somewhere in home but wht i have kinda nice (like a pencil box) but not too friendly

>>>hijabiss clothes, like abaya or something

>>>foundation .i like my skin and i can just go out without cream.but i need color and to make more nicer looking

>>>lippy is must for me,

>>>a bottle of water at least, hot weather = water.if no i might die only2 minute or less :) kidding

>>> last but not least is spec or lens. i need to bring my extra eyes on me

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Five : 10 wishes

i dont have many wishes actually maybe i m contented with what i have now, maybe
but i do have some wishes that i really wanted for sooo long

1) each time i got news that my friends or my grandma or anyone perform their umrah @hajj i keep feeling jealousy running on my blood . so the first ever wish i want is to perform my hajj with my parents and husband and perform my ibaadah there :)

2) the next one is to have my very own house  where i can do my own furnishing and this house not necessary big but i feel comfortable and peace .i wanna my own space where i can do whatever i want without people interrupt

3) i want to get marry fast and having like 3-4 babies and settle down in that house

4) travel all over the world and visit all the places i always dreamed of

5) speak 7 languages :turkish , arabic, french, spanish, german, italian, etc

6) have my own bussiness

7) money money and i never complained about money. i dont want to worry to spend my money again

8) help people who in need

9) be happy always with my beloved one

10)new laptop and  another 10 wishes :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Four : 10 things you want to say to one person

And the one person is my MOMMY

1) i m sorry mama I can't be your good daughter, i make many mistakes

2)I love you soo much, you borned me and you care about me and you willing to do anything to make me happy

3)If I have a lot of money, I wanna bring you to perform hajj in Mecca and i know this is your wish ( i heard you saying this times and i m so sad that i cant bring you there yet) :(

4)I want to be your apples in your eyes

5)i dont want hurt your feeling but sometimes i did . and i will regret after that

6)i cant live without you

7)you are supermom i ever had and you are awesome !!!!!!

8)Take rest and let me do everything for you

9)You are always in my heart

10) i really want to hug you tenderly

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

oh my Allah

it is already 19 rejab and i didnt start my sunnah fasting yet !! how careless I am . almost 10 days more before we begin new month: shaaban.. Ya Allah please gimme some strength to fast at least once. How can i ignore this ibaadah so lightly :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 3 : 10 things you hate

from here
 sorry ! am on holiday mood and each time i wanted to update my blog, i lost idea hehehe

so firstly woud be, each time i wanna post new thing, i lost what should i write gonna be the 1st thing i hate

2nd ( oh my god! i hate doctor...ya I do hate doctor. not all but i hate the doctor I met today!!! how come she take my ankle pain so lightly. I requested X-ray to be done and after some argument blah blah, she said okay okay, as u wish...WHAT again stupido. alhamdulillah, lucky me i m a medical student ... this doctor took my pain lightly and she treated me like a ..:(

3rd i hate waiting. if you promised me we will go out at 8.30pm, so we set off at 8.30 sharp ( plus minus 3@4 minutes, not 30 minutes or 1 hour later, GOT IT?

i hate harsh word to me  or other or humilite people in front of other people escpecially for people lower standard than you. this is no no for me.. we all have heart and feelings, dont ya?

also backbitting . the MOST hatred . i know some close friends did that and what a shame . they spoke about me :(

another 5...( i need oxygen)

hmm...what else...

i hate to see my muslimah sister show their awrah to other in order to be a fashionable. hey .. u are wrong...they should see me !! i got fashion sense and cover up too,

#7 the 1st day and last day of semester. NOOOOOO not that i hate holiday and loVEEE studying it just: I hate: packing my things :( they are lots and I need someone to help.i do. i am miserable at packing things into boxes and sorting them out into hijabs, shoes, books, magz, clothes labeled boxes. I m sick of it. this semester  alhamdulillah, after talked and ( cry) with my mom and a friend, I managed myself to tidy all my belongings and i know i have to do it AGAIN this september when new  semester begin ...huh

#8 waste time. like i know i have  1000 works to do but i still have time to fbing, chatting, sleeping

#9 exams, SMOKE SMOKE, dust , too hot weather :((

#10 i hate my self for not follow my aim ... i am so lazy ( i have only like 3% hardworking) and hating myself bad attitude :((( hahahha- i m not that bad

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

awesome blog

sorry for not posting everyday... i got muscle sprain on the left foot. i fell and it was really damn painful. the way i fell down the drain is too extreme( one leg in the drain and the other was outside)!!! fracture, just some bruises. for that i got excused from attended program in which i as one of the facilitator.ugh, i very like it actually but i should rest and hoping by 9/6 ( the date i finish the program and going back home) my foot already recover fully or at least i can walk like before In sha Allah.

and so for time being let me shared ma sha Allah super awesome blog that my friend gave to me. i like too and hope you love it too

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the most merciless bastards I have ever known :(((

i have no mood at all to postwhat i promised . because i m so sad with what happen to Syria right now. i care about what going on in islamic muslim world and wherever there s muslim living there. I dont care about what you thinking but i feel the world full of too much corrupt and i dont want to live in such kind of sitution. loneliness, war, protest everyday.. we should life in the world where we meet each other with smile on the face and no hatred despite of our differences.

i just read on my friend's facebook and his husband's family live there in syria so they know what is actually happen there.She said in her facebook that:
Can't stop thinking about Hamza Ali al-Khateeb.I just can't understand how they can be so brutal. I mean how much torture should a 13 year old have to endure. To chop off his genitals, his neck and kneecaps broken...bullets purposefully entered his chest through each arm...they are the most merciless bastards I have ever known :(((
I read further and find out the reason of his died :The government security forces kidnapped him after his parents were discovered to be protesting the repressive regime. A month later he was returned to his family dead and battered beyond all humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

here is the link Hamza Ali Al-Khatib, 13 year old Syrian from Dar'a tortured, murdered & mutilated.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day Two : 10 things you love

okay , so for my promise to you I will continue it. but now let s picture speaks. "A picture is worth a thousand words"

money but i m not gold digger okay

baby <3

take new challenge

learn new language
cooking foreign food eg: lasagna

eat and eat without gaining any weight

LOve Allah and Muhammad and being muslimah itself, alhamdulillah

Boots and flatssss 
and last but not least I love ...HIM

checklist: a must

i wanna share something that i find very useful for me and hope you too in sha Allah

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1 : 10 things about me

okay, as I promised I will start with day 1 ( eventhough i feel soo tired and dont feel to write)

1 - people called me nafisah, nafis, sayyid, ida
2 - Was born in August 1988 and in Islamic calendar i was born in 2 Muharam :0
3 - Currently studying to be a doctor in sha Allah or maybe a bussinesswoman
4 - I love challenge and i like to take risk but in some extent
5 - I cannot sing, my voice is teribble
6 - love to travel :)many good plans in my mind
7 - cliff was my boyfriend in 'Game Boy Advance: Harvest Moon but not he is not longer mine. i left this game but i still like to put his name on mine eventho i know someone will be jealous :P
8 - i always turn on about arabic !its culture, language and people
9 - i love babies a lot, their smile , their cuteness
10 - i want to be a rare good muslimah in sha Allah

tagged yourself

and I am so tired and it is really hot weather in Malaysia. i cant bear this hotness !!!anyway I found this from my friend page and decided to do it :)

Day One :
10 things about you click here

Day Two :
10 things you love click here

Day Three :
10 things you hate click here

Day Four :
10 things you want to say to one person click here

Day Five :
10 wishes click here

Day Six :
10 items you can't live without click here

Day Seven :
10 important people click here

Day Eight :
10 of your favourite songs click here

Day Nine :
10 ways to win your heart

Day Ten :
10 final words

i hope you enjoy reading it :P

Rejab, syaaban, ramadhan

less than 2 months is Ramadhan. 1 Rejab, let' s start new calendar with istigfar and zikir to Allah.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hooray hooray

alhamdulillah, 1 more paper before holidays. 3 months holiday yay!!! but before that i have to become a facilitator in a motivation programme for local student in my university for bout 1 week before officially of from the hell university LOL ( university life make me stress more )

i have no comment on my performance in my exam but what i know is for the next semester i have to struggle like 2000 times more than this semester. I feel i didnt pay too much attention on class this semester. i played a lot and dated alot too haha*_* :P

tomorrow is last day for the killest exam in the entire century and i have been prepared bullet A LOT ---it is objective question looking for aiming ...all the best Nafisah :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

my bad enemy

better off studying
marathon all notes

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

take 2

What would you be? I got it from here

If I were a month, I'd be August
If I were a day of the week, I'd be Friday
If I were a time of day, I'd be Fajr
If I were a planet, I'd be Neptune
If I were an animal, I'd be a Horse
If I were a direction, I'd be the East
If I were a piece of furniture, I'd be a Sofa
If I were a liquid, I'd be a Floats
If I were a gemstone, I'd be a Ruby
If I were a tree, I'd be a Palm tree
If I were a tool, I'd be a Laptop
If I were a flower, I'd be a Sunflower
If I were a kind of weather, I'd be an Autumn season
If I were a musical instrument, I'd be a Drum
If I were a color, I'd be Olive color
If I were an emotion, I'd be Happy go lucky
If I were a fruit, I'd be a Melon
If I were a sound, I'd be Baby's sound
If I were an element, I'd be Oxygen
If I were a car, I'd be a Honda Accord
If I were a food, I'd be Lasagne
If I were a place, I'd be Turkey
If I were a taste, I'd be Raining smell
If I were a scent, I'd smell like My favorite perfume' Balqis '
If I were an item of clothing, I'd be Abaya
If I were a body part, I'd be Eyes
If I were a facial expression, I'd be "rolls eyes"
If I were a song, I'd be 'Mama' by Maher Zain
If I were a pair of shoes, I'd be Boots
What would you be? It is your turn ---->

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

But if you lose Allah, you find no replacement.

"Allah I've lost hope from anyone except from you, and I'm disappointed of everyone except of you, and I'm weakened by my dependence on everyone except on you! So Allah, please do not expel me from your side! If you did, then there are no power and no strength except in you, Allah! Whoever has asked you, and then you have deprived him? (None). Whoever has called you and you discarded him? (None).”

I think this supplication does not need further explanation. The way Allah has created this universe, a human is bound to get disappointed from anyone except Allah. Husband disappoints wife. Son disappoints mom. Boss disappoints worker. My laptop disappoints me because it does not perform as I expect. You will find disappointment everywhere, in everything, except Allah.

Disappointment is not the end of the world, since we know we have a source of hope and a dignified purpose of life. The source of eternal hope is Allah and the dignified purpose of life is worshiping none but Allah alone. If today I lose my computer, Allah can replace me with another. If today, I lose anything, Allah can replace me with something better.BUT IF YOU LOSE ALLAH, YOU WILL FIND NO REPLACEMENT.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

i dont like it for some reason

what do you think of below hijab? aren't they stunning? it does wooohooo yeah! i love alll of them *drooling

i love it but it will be much nicer if it is more wider so that i can wear it with proper hijab coverage? *sigh hmm i like the silky satiny finish but ...20 inches wide is not wide for me. it is no no for me :( my cut of point is: 28'' but i can't doubt they have awesome color and pattern.anyway if you would like to purchase you can here

I m so hungry

ignore the title above.( from now on what is my feeling will be the post title)

my semester break will be starting on June and end on September! means i got 3 months hols yay!!! but wait, long holiday just make me effing crazy. too much time= chance to waste time increase also. but never mind I've some plans to do.In sha Allah not some but lottttss

1) find part time work. i need it
2) my project runaway - i m going to be a 'fashion designer' make my own clothes,in sha Allah

3) make lasagna and some cooking esp the chessy loadie .* how i LOVE chesse

4) learn the 7th language, haha i can speak many languages ya know
5) sleep and sleep and eat = gain weight

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ohhh ahhh ( unease feeling)

exam in 7 days! oh my god. i don't like the feeling :( hope everything goes well in sha Allah...lalalala please pray (du3a) for me. bittaofiq wa najjah fil el imtihan, nafys girl.

still pray for the peace in Syria.
off for study T_____________T

Thursday, April 14, 2011

entered a competition

i entered a competition and you can enter also :)competition is worldwide and so easy click here i hope i can win inshaAllah because the scarves are damn hot!!!

i feel so sad but live must go on

alhamdulillah, i feel so happy today, i presented in lecture hall with almost 100 eyes looking at me and now maybe i am thinking to become a lecturer and not doctor!