Sunday, June 5, 2011

the most merciless bastards I have ever known :(((

i have no mood at all to postwhat i promised . because i m so sad with what happen to Syria right now. i care about what going on in islamic muslim world and wherever there s muslim living there. I dont care about what you thinking but i feel the world full of too much corrupt and i dont want to live in such kind of sitution. loneliness, war, protest everyday.. we should life in the world where we meet each other with smile on the face and no hatred despite of our differences.

i just read on my friend's facebook and his husband's family live there in syria so they know what is actually happen there.She said in her facebook that:
Can't stop thinking about Hamza Ali al-Khateeb.I just can't understand how they can be so brutal. I mean how much torture should a 13 year old have to endure. To chop off his genitals, his neck and kneecaps broken...bullets purposefully entered his chest through each arm...they are the most merciless bastards I have ever known :(((
I read further and find out the reason of his died :The government security forces kidnapped him after his parents were discovered to be protesting the repressive regime. A month later he was returned to his family dead and battered beyond all humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

here is the link Hamza Ali Al-Khatib, 13 year old Syrian from Dar'a tortured, murdered & mutilated.

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