Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Eight : 10 of your favourite songs

ohhhhhhh this is surely the most difficult task for me... i dont listen to music soo much. i m a kinda feel that music is something that we should avoid of ( maybe like haram?!) but i sometimes listen to it when my mood is really down or i miss someone , or when i have exam i turn ON the music, to make my reading faster.yeahhhhh that is me.

so , here are some of my favorite music ( i can listen to many times and play it again and again)
#1 ekhtart sah - Amr Diab
#2 Laa ila ha illaa Allah - Mishary el-asfasy
#3 Quli uhibbuka - Kazem sahir
#4 Open your eyes - Maher Zain
#5 Mama - Maher Zain
#6 Aisha -Outlandish ( i like it i have many songs )
#7 ya Tayba
#8 Hey soul sister - Train
#9 Aishteru - Indonesia band ( dont know their name, but indonesian band got very nice songs)
#10 opening songs of beirut ...i love u ( i love u not)

so, the facts are : i like arabic songs more and islamic songs always have their tune in my heart ♥ for no 1-6 , i like most of their songs 
maybe you can listen to these songs and soon you will like it :D enjoyy!!!

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