Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day Six : 10 items you can't live without

they are...

sony ericsson ELM handphone , it is  quite new ( not 1 year yet!) and i like it,it is pink :D

my 3 year-old laptop. actually i wanna buy new but becose it is still okay, i use it till now

my cutey little quran ;black and white stripey

mp3 my bro bought for me. i love it very mucho. it s angry red. like a germ and rare
>>>purse ic pasport money  and everything in it hahah i dont have purse actually, i lost somewhere in home but wht i have kinda nice (like a pencil box) but not too friendly

>>>hijabiss clothes, like abaya or something

>>>foundation .i like my skin and i can just go out without cream.but i need color and to make more nicer looking

>>>lippy is must for me,

>>>a bottle of water at least, hot weather = water.if no i might die only2 minute or less :) kidding

>>> last but not least is spec or lens. i need to bring my extra eyes on me

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