Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 3 : 10 things you hate

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 sorry ! am on holiday mood and each time i wanted to update my blog, i lost idea hehehe

so firstly woud be, each time i wanna post new thing, i lost what should i write gonna be the 1st thing i hate

2nd ( oh my god! i hate doctor...ya I do hate doctor. not all but i hate the doctor I met today!!! how come she take my ankle pain so lightly. I requested X-ray to be done and after some argument blah blah, she said okay okay, as u wish...WHAT again stupido. alhamdulillah, lucky me i m a medical student ... this doctor took my pain lightly and she treated me like a ..:(

3rd i hate waiting. if you promised me we will go out at 8.30pm, so we set off at 8.30 sharp ( plus minus 3@4 minutes, not 30 minutes or 1 hour later, GOT IT?

i hate harsh word to me  or other or humilite people in front of other people escpecially for people lower standard than you. this is no no for me.. we all have heart and feelings, dont ya?

also backbitting . the MOST hatred . i know some close friends did that and what a shame . they spoke about me :(

another 5...( i need oxygen)

hmm...what else...

i hate to see my muslimah sister show their awrah to other in order to be a fashionable. hey .. u are wrong...they should see me !! i got fashion sense and cover up too,

#7 the 1st day and last day of semester. NOOOOOO not that i hate holiday and loVEEE studying it just: I hate: packing my things :( they are lots and I need someone to help.i do. i am miserable at packing things into boxes and sorting them out into hijabs, shoes, books, magz, clothes labeled boxes. I m sick of it. this semester  alhamdulillah, after talked and ( cry) with my mom and a friend, I managed myself to tidy all my belongings and i know i have to do it AGAIN this september when new  semester begin ...huh

#8 waste time. like i know i have  1000 works to do but i still have time to fbing, chatting, sleeping

#9 exams, SMOKE SMOKE, dust , too hot weather :((

#10 i hate my self for not follow my aim ... i am so lazy ( i have only like 3% hardworking) and hating myself bad attitude :((( hahahha- i m not that bad


Nur Mawaddah Mohd Shah said...

Sayyid! wahh, u have soo many thing that u hate huh. haha

hmm, Im with you for number 10, * hahaha!* , the backbiting part, the be-punctual-part, and the harsh worh thing. high five! hehe :)

sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

No! not like that. when i did this post , i asked my sisters: what do you hate about. 10 things to hate is too much for me hahhaa