Monday, June 27, 2011

Day Eight : 10 of your favourite songs

ohhhhhhh this is surely the most difficult task for me... i dont listen to music soo much. i m a kinda feel that music is something that we should avoid of ( maybe like haram?!) but i sometimes listen to it when my mood is really down or i miss someone , or when i have exam i turn ON the music, to make my reading faster.yeahhhhh that is me.

so , here are some of my favorite music ( i can listen to many times and play it again and again)
#1 ekhtart sah - Amr Diab
#2 Laa ila ha illaa Allah - Mishary el-asfasy
#3 Quli uhibbuka - Kazem sahir
#4 Open your eyes - Maher Zain
#5 Mama - Maher Zain
#6 Aisha -Outlandish ( i like it i have many songs )
#7 ya Tayba
#8 Hey soul sister - Train
#9 Aishteru - Indonesia band ( dont know their name, but indonesian band got very nice songs)
#10 opening songs of beirut ...i love u ( i love u not)

so, the facts are : i like arabic songs more and islamic songs always have their tune in my heart ♥ for no 1-6 , i like most of their songs 
maybe you can listen to these songs and soon you will like it :D enjoyy!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Seven : 10 important people

10 important people who makes my life more precious in my good and bad times
and the award goes to ...

1) she who born me , the most important  people, my momma
2) papa, ,my hero
3) siblings , 13 of them altogether, you guys ROCK
4) bestie: i have many but the best are: pyah, ubai, su, safra,sarah and USM buddies : zati, nisa, min, air, su, bais, mimi and lotsa
5) my sisters in islam that i dont know or i never meet them but i love them
6) my teachers
7) he who makes my heart open again
8) you
9) you
10) you

Saturday, June 25, 2011

BEIRUT... I love YOu

long holiday is killing me.hmmm not really... but because my ankle is still not ok, i just stay at home and cant go anywhere ,that s why, if not i m the most difficult girl to control hihi. but i dont waste my time just sitting here doing nothing. i continue my studies in arabic language and its accent  as i might go there in sha allah. and i watched website movies i find out in YOU TUBE. it s great to help me in arabic ( lebanese) and it sooooooo hilarious !!! o M g
it is and i watch it again and again maybe like 3-4 times escpecially the 5th episodes hahaha

ma3 elsalamah 

Day Six : 10 items you can't live without

they are...

sony ericsson ELM handphone , it is  quite new ( not 1 year yet!) and i like it,it is pink :D

my 3 year-old laptop. actually i wanna buy new but becose it is still okay, i use it till now

my cutey little quran ;black and white stripey

mp3 my bro bought for me. i love it very mucho. it s angry red. like a germ and rare
>>>purse ic pasport money  and everything in it hahah i dont have purse actually, i lost somewhere in home but wht i have kinda nice (like a pencil box) but not too friendly

>>>hijabiss clothes, like abaya or something

>>>foundation .i like my skin and i can just go out without cream.but i need color and to make more nicer looking

>>>lippy is must for me,

>>>a bottle of water at least, hot weather = water.if no i might die only2 minute or less :) kidding

>>> last but not least is spec or lens. i need to bring my extra eyes on me

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Five : 10 wishes

i dont have many wishes actually maybe i m contented with what i have now, maybe
but i do have some wishes that i really wanted for sooo long

1) each time i got news that my friends or my grandma or anyone perform their umrah @hajj i keep feeling jealousy running on my blood . so the first ever wish i want is to perform my hajj with my parents and husband and perform my ibaadah there :)

2) the next one is to have my very own house  where i can do my own furnishing and this house not necessary big but i feel comfortable and peace .i wanna my own space where i can do whatever i want without people interrupt

3) i want to get marry fast and having like 3-4 babies and settle down in that house

4) travel all over the world and visit all the places i always dreamed of

5) speak 7 languages :turkish , arabic, french, spanish, german, italian, etc

6) have my own bussiness

7) money money and i never complained about money. i dont want to worry to spend my money again

8) help people who in need

9) be happy always with my beloved one

10)new laptop and  another 10 wishes :D

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Four : 10 things you want to say to one person

And the one person is my MOMMY

1) i m sorry mama I can't be your good daughter, i make many mistakes

2)I love you soo much, you borned me and you care about me and you willing to do anything to make me happy

3)If I have a lot of money, I wanna bring you to perform hajj in Mecca and i know this is your wish ( i heard you saying this times and i m so sad that i cant bring you there yet) :(

4)I want to be your apples in your eyes

5)i dont want hurt your feeling but sometimes i did . and i will regret after that

6)i cant live without you

7)you are supermom i ever had and you are awesome !!!!!!

8)Take rest and let me do everything for you

9)You are always in my heart

10) i really want to hug you tenderly

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

oh my Allah

it is already 19 rejab and i didnt start my sunnah fasting yet !! how careless I am . almost 10 days more before we begin new month: shaaban.. Ya Allah please gimme some strength to fast at least once. How can i ignore this ibaadah so lightly :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 3 : 10 things you hate

from here
 sorry ! am on holiday mood and each time i wanted to update my blog, i lost idea hehehe

so firstly woud be, each time i wanna post new thing, i lost what should i write gonna be the 1st thing i hate

2nd ( oh my god! i hate doctor...ya I do hate doctor. not all but i hate the doctor I met today!!! how come she take my ankle pain so lightly. I requested X-ray to be done and after some argument blah blah, she said okay okay, as u wish...WHAT again stupido. alhamdulillah, lucky me i m a medical student ... this doctor took my pain lightly and she treated me like a ..:(

3rd i hate waiting. if you promised me we will go out at 8.30pm, so we set off at 8.30 sharp ( plus minus 3@4 minutes, not 30 minutes or 1 hour later, GOT IT?

i hate harsh word to me  or other or humilite people in front of other people escpecially for people lower standard than you. this is no no for me.. we all have heart and feelings, dont ya?

also backbitting . the MOST hatred . i know some close friends did that and what a shame . they spoke about me :(

another 5...( i need oxygen)

hmm...what else...

i hate to see my muslimah sister show their awrah to other in order to be a fashionable. hey .. u are wrong...they should see me !! i got fashion sense and cover up too,

#7 the 1st day and last day of semester. NOOOOOO not that i hate holiday and loVEEE studying it just: I hate: packing my things :( they are lots and I need someone to help.i do. i am miserable at packing things into boxes and sorting them out into hijabs, shoes, books, magz, clothes labeled boxes. I m sick of it. this semester  alhamdulillah, after talked and ( cry) with my mom and a friend, I managed myself to tidy all my belongings and i know i have to do it AGAIN this september when new  semester begin ...huh

#8 waste time. like i know i have  1000 works to do but i still have time to fbing, chatting, sleeping

#9 exams, SMOKE SMOKE, dust , too hot weather :((

#10 i hate my self for not follow my aim ... i am so lazy ( i have only like 3% hardworking) and hating myself bad attitude :((( hahahha- i m not that bad

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

awesome blog

sorry for not posting everyday... i got muscle sprain on the left foot. i fell and it was really damn painful. the way i fell down the drain is too extreme( one leg in the drain and the other was outside)!!! fracture, just some bruises. for that i got excused from attended program in which i as one of the facilitator.ugh, i very like it actually but i should rest and hoping by 9/6 ( the date i finish the program and going back home) my foot already recover fully or at least i can walk like before In sha Allah.

and so for time being let me shared ma sha Allah super awesome blog that my friend gave to me. i like too and hope you love it too

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the most merciless bastards I have ever known :(((

i have no mood at all to postwhat i promised . because i m so sad with what happen to Syria right now. i care about what going on in islamic muslim world and wherever there s muslim living there. I dont care about what you thinking but i feel the world full of too much corrupt and i dont want to live in such kind of sitution. loneliness, war, protest everyday.. we should life in the world where we meet each other with smile on the face and no hatred despite of our differences.

i just read on my friend's facebook and his husband's family live there in syria so they know what is actually happen there.She said in her facebook that:
Can't stop thinking about Hamza Ali al-Khateeb.I just can't understand how they can be so brutal. I mean how much torture should a 13 year old have to endure. To chop off his genitals, his neck and kneecaps broken...bullets purposefully entered his chest through each arm...they are the most merciless bastards I have ever known :(((
I read further and find out the reason of his died :The government security forces kidnapped him after his parents were discovered to be protesting the repressive regime. A month later he was returned to his family dead and battered beyond all humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

here is the link Hamza Ali Al-Khatib, 13 year old Syrian from Dar'a tortured, murdered & mutilated.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day Two : 10 things you love

okay , so for my promise to you I will continue it. but now let s picture speaks. "A picture is worth a thousand words"

money but i m not gold digger okay

baby <3

take new challenge

learn new language
cooking foreign food eg: lasagna

eat and eat without gaining any weight

LOve Allah and Muhammad and being muslimah itself, alhamdulillah

Boots and flatssss 
and last but not least I love ...HIM

checklist: a must

i wanna share something that i find very useful for me and hope you too in sha Allah

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1 : 10 things about me

okay, as I promised I will start with day 1 ( eventhough i feel soo tired and dont feel to write)

1 - people called me nafisah, nafis, sayyid, ida
2 - Was born in August 1988 and in Islamic calendar i was born in 2 Muharam :0
3 - Currently studying to be a doctor in sha Allah or maybe a bussinesswoman
4 - I love challenge and i like to take risk but in some extent
5 - I cannot sing, my voice is teribble
6 - love to travel :)many good plans in my mind
7 - cliff was my boyfriend in 'Game Boy Advance: Harvest Moon but not he is not longer mine. i left this game but i still like to put his name on mine eventho i know someone will be jealous :P
8 - i always turn on about arabic !its culture, language and people
9 - i love babies a lot, their smile , their cuteness
10 - i want to be a rare good muslimah in sha Allah

tagged yourself

and I am so tired and it is really hot weather in Malaysia. i cant bear this hotness !!!anyway I found this from my friend page and decided to do it :)

Day One :
10 things about you click here

Day Two :
10 things you love click here

Day Three :
10 things you hate click here

Day Four :
10 things you want to say to one person click here

Day Five :
10 wishes click here

Day Six :
10 items you can't live without click here

Day Seven :
10 important people click here

Day Eight :
10 of your favourite songs click here

Day Nine :
10 ways to win your heart

Day Ten :
10 final words

i hope you enjoy reading it :P

Rejab, syaaban, ramadhan

less than 2 months is Ramadhan. 1 Rejab, let' s start new calendar with istigfar and zikir to Allah.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

hooray hooray

alhamdulillah, 1 more paper before holidays. 3 months holiday yay!!! but before that i have to become a facilitator in a motivation programme for local student in my university for bout 1 week before officially of from the hell university LOL ( university life make me stress more )

i have no comment on my performance in my exam but what i know is for the next semester i have to struggle like 2000 times more than this semester. I feel i didnt pay too much attention on class this semester. i played a lot and dated alot too haha*_* :P

tomorrow is last day for the killest exam in the entire century and i have been prepared bullet A LOT ---it is objective question looking for aiming ...all the best Nafisah :)