Friday, June 3, 2011

Rejab, syaaban, ramadhan

less than 2 months is Ramadhan. 1 Rejab, let' s start new calendar with istigfar and zikir to Allah.


Anonymous said...

great idea :D
but how do you set up a calendar for istigfar
do you do it like in a particular time of the day??
and Thank you for reminding me :)

sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

@Lujayn: thank you
i mean lets start new month (Rejab) with doing istighfar. I m not doing it in very specific particular time,but whenever i have free time ( like while walking to class or before going to bed - do istighfar 70 times/day). If you want i have checklist for muslim for 1 day in softcopy. you are welcome :)

Anonymous said...

lol ok I got it now :P
and I was wondering why a calendar!!
I think it's the exams effect :\

Thank you again