Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 1 : 10 things about me

okay, as I promised I will start with day 1 ( eventhough i feel soo tired and dont feel to write)

1 - people called me nafisah, nafis, sayyid, ida
2 - Was born in August 1988 and in Islamic calendar i was born in 2 Muharam :0
3 - Currently studying to be a doctor in sha Allah or maybe a bussinesswoman
4 - I love challenge and i like to take risk but in some extent
5 - I cannot sing, my voice is teribble
6 - love to travel :)many good plans in my mind
7 - cliff was my boyfriend in 'Game Boy Advance: Harvest Moon but not he is not longer mine. i left this game but i still like to put his name on mine eventho i know someone will be jealous :P
8 - i always turn on about arabic !its culture, language and people
9 - i love babies a lot, their smile , their cuteness
10 - i want to be a rare good muslimah in sha Allah


Nur Mawaddah Mohd Shah said...

Sayyid! love that name, soo can I call u Sayyid! hehe :))

wahh, love reading 10 things bout u, chey cheyy..haha

esp 6, 8 n 10! rare muslimah eh, like a pearl kann, amin :))

sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

@Hada: i love all my names :D yeah, one of my usrah mmber call me Kak sayyid hihi

hey, dont forget to do it also,love to read others too