Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Five : 10 wishes

i dont have many wishes actually maybe i m contented with what i have now, maybe
but i do have some wishes that i really wanted for sooo long

1) each time i got news that my friends or my grandma or anyone perform their umrah @hajj i keep feeling jealousy running on my blood . so the first ever wish i want is to perform my hajj with my parents and husband and perform my ibaadah there :)

2) the next one is to have my very own house  where i can do my own furnishing and this house not necessary big but i feel comfortable and peace .i wanna my own space where i can do whatever i want without people interrupt

3) i want to get marry fast and having like 3-4 babies and settle down in that house

4) travel all over the world and visit all the places i always dreamed of

5) speak 7 languages :turkish , arabic, french, spanish, german, italian, etc

6) have my own bussiness

7) money money and i never complained about money. i dont want to worry to spend my money again

8) help people who in need

9) be happy always with my beloved one

10)new laptop and  another 10 wishes :D


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sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

Thank you, ameen and for you too :)