Thursday, December 27, 2012

orthopedic posting

Assalamu alaikom /heyy

Now, I'm in my 3rd posting of the year. well , i missed the 2nd part of the posting - surgery, never mind. orthopedic post. is the hardest posting so far.. i think 6 weeks posting . I was dying in 1st week but alhamdulillah after 'soul talk' I m doing fine :) Now, i feel I lost the path once again- it is just like , am I doing the correct thing? Hmm. anyway ,:

 there are 5 teams altogether( hand, spine, arthro, paed n ooru) but I m in ooru team- (deal with tumor, osteosarcoma, Ewing's sarcoma, chrondroblastoma, too much diabetic foot ulcer- common stuff , PID ( lost in our team suppose to be in spine team, maybe) , all new stuff, too much oncall in our team! it is not fair :(. Too many OT to attend yuckk .I dont really like go to clinic too on sunday and tuesday, but after my supervisor came back from leave, I m enjoying my clinic days. The MO are superbly nice except some that I hate a bit. but he does appear in my dream, yuckies again :(

well, apart of these not-so-good-feeling , I like reading the books haha :0 Just I need time for it. one more thing, we have more oncall time compared to other team and I super hate oncall on weekend.. yeah, who doesnt. when u wake up in themorning and 1st question pop out from mind ' oh my, why should I have oncall today? i shold continue sleep..'  but no matter what happen.   I promise my self that at the end of this posting ,I will become  an

sounds interesting , ha? hihihi :)
please make du'a for me to undergo all these to become a competent muslimah doctor in near future

a cup of coffee boost me

i dont know why i m so craving for coffee lately
i dont like coffee, it makes my heart beat faster and maybe i'll die any time
but , today i had my coffee
and I m going to have another cup