Sunday, August 21, 2011

the alphabetical tag

i took this tag from izdiher  I would like to tag : Piya and Izzati

– Available: 
– Age:just turn 23 on august 15.
– Animals: I like horses but not cat (i am allergic to furs)
– Beer:    haram ,7arammmm
– Body Part on opposite sex:  Eyes
– Best feeling in the world:feeling of wanted and be loved  .
– Best weather:    hot but chilly 
– Been in Love:    Yes.
– Been on stage:  No.
– Believe in Magic:   No.
– Believe in Santa:  Nope, he has no fashion sense :)
– Brand:  not specific


– Candy: I like to keep them than eat them. not sweet tooth
– Color: Earth colors
– Chocolate/Vanilla:Vanilla.
- Chinese/Indian/Italian:....Syrian-Turkish
- Cake or pie: Chicken pie
– Cheese: Love it

– Day or Night: Both has it own significant
– Dancing in the rain: Not yet.

– Eyes:    where love begin awwww .
– Ever failed a class:  class and is a part of life
– Enemies: make my confidence high up
– Exercise: Sometimes

– First thoughts waking up: Can i sleep more?
– Food: Love them to the max. i m high metabolism person so i dont care to eat eat and eat. but i like something spicy

– Greatest Fear: Allah
– Get along with your parents: Yes

– Hair Color:   None of your beewaxs, that s why I m wear hijab :)
– Happy:   Alhamdulillah.
– Holiday:  Like it but at the same time it kill me.

– Ice Cream:   Any flavor with some crunchy nut
– Jewelry:  Necklace n rings.
– Job:   i m student

– Kids:    I adore kids
– Kickboxing or karate:   Not interested.
– Keep a journal:   Yes .

– Love:  Fantastic feeling
– Laughed so hard you cried:    When i was fell somewhere, i laughed and cried at the same time, damn it s hurt!!!

- Milk flavor:   OKay
– Movies:Some movies
– Motion sickness: Nope !

– Number:   8

– One wish:  That all my wishes come true.ameen ameen

– Perfect Pizza: Dominos
– Pepsi/Coke:    both i hate 
– Perfume/Cologne: Perfume.

– Quail:  What is that?

– Reason to cry:  When I get hurt or dis appointed
– Reality T.V: I watched before
– Radio Station: ( rarely)

– Song:  any arabs songs
– Shoe size:  39 or sometimes 40
– Salad Dressing: Any 
– Skinny dip:no comment
– Strawberries/Blueberries:  Strawberry
– Sport:  sleeping (i guess it is sport,haha), archiving, horse riding, and swimming

– Tattoos:  none
– Thunderstorms:   I think it s like anger of Allah.

– Unpredictable: My future 


– Vacation spot(s):  Turkey: I  want to see Istanbul,Ankara  and many beaches of it .Especially  that part where two-continents get meet( in Bosphorus) .All Middle East : Jordan , Syria , Saudi  deserts . North Africa : Morocco,Tunis , Egypt , Libya ,Israel ,as well.And all Europe.   

– Weakness: I m human soo many weakness  
– Who makes you laugh the most: me myself. 
– Worst Weather:    Hmm, nothing actually .Only summer  at its peak and humidity.Usually I love Summer .

– X-Rays:  twice . 1 for university entrance ,the other one when i got ankle twisted.

-Year it is now: 2011.

      Zoo animal: Simple way to see wild animals than have to find them in jungle

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