Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Exam is just around the corner, and I am now entering the red zone,alert mood..So many thing happen, that makes me reflex back what I did within 1 week and anything around me.I now am undergoing another phase in my life. Woman phase,erk? Back to exam mood, I need to study hard this very time,no more play, no f**k Facebook, chatting, news maybe, but nnnoooo I need to update with news.escpecially now,in Malaysia..Egypt,Palestine,Muslim world, oho, I wish I dont have any exam..

Till then go reading anyone else blog..oh nobody cares of my blog..hehe

* And I have to let go someone this timo :(Have to.
Yes, Insya Allah everything will be better:)Just put trust in Allah because we never expected what miracle is Allah planning for us and me.


um. masyitah said...

semoga Allah membantu ukhti fiddin ,amin

سيده نفيسه said...

waalaikumsalam,amin ya rab.mohon doanya

Anonymous said...