Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Is this a way to sell own self????

I headed to my room with very exhausting feeling.On the way to my hostel, I was the last one and walk very slowly as there was a bunch of student headed to the same way as I was.And they walked damn slow like in a fashion runway or what.I just be patient with the situation and the sempit corridor when one of construction worker called loudly: zero, one, four...with the Kelantan dialect.What the f is he doing???But I just ,seriously I want burst out at the moment, but I can stand that..Haha..Live should be not serious ,OK.Later, I just thinking of sharing to all.Is this the way??But, this is 1st time I experienced,it occur only at Dubai as I know , I didnt expected it can occur in Malysia too..

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