Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When I couldnt sleep..

I stayed up yesterday as I cant sleep due to my evening sleep.Seriously,I didnt know what to do except chatting with my friend that I knew in one of learning language site and living in Malaysia now.It is great feeling to able chatting with her after not hearing from her quite 1 week.But, I totally super miss her.She is not well but she told me she went to Pangkor with her children last week.She went to Perak, my hometown.She told me about so many Chinese living there.And later we talked about history of Malaysia.And I dont know why I was so melancholic when I told her about how hard the Occupation though I never face it.We talked about other topic until she stopped.I realised I couldnt sleep yet,so I took German language class in internet.Well, I can speak it a little,I guess. Mein name ist Sayyidah Nafisah.It is easy compared to French..

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Anonymous said...

Salaam Sayyidha!

The same happedned to me th eother night. Night dreaming,wondering and u know....