Monday, July 20, 2009

A moment to remember

My friends and I were shopping last weekend.It took almost 9 hours shopping from evening till night.But I had a very nice day with them, eating out and hanging out since enter new semester.I bought an abaya, simple flower and pashminas.I just want to buy all as the price is so reasonable compare if I buy via online , but then I think over it, it is enough for this moment,at least.Then, I bought pumps that I always dream of but my decision is so late.I have looked once and decided I dont need that. Later,when we were almost wanted to left KB Mall, then I said, sorry I think I want to buy that shoe..haha.So, without wasting more time, I grabbed one of my friend's hand and hurried to the shoe store at 2nd floor where I first saw the shoe, and without thinking just pay.I also tried sushi at the first time, but it going OK to me,indeed I am not a picky eater.I eat whatever I want to eat.It is such a nice moment spending the weekend around with friends, though sometimes we have to wait for others, as long as I get what I want and we were out from campus.

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v!pc@ss!e said...

assalamualaikum!!! nanti update g ek..... borink r tak bc kisah idup owg....

aq kan busybody ;P

But it was a nice and exciting experience especially the part where we got lost going you-know-where!! hhehe...^_^

hope we can do that again some other time!