Sunday, December 27, 2009

Setiu Agro Resort Terengganu.


It been a long time since I write again.Just want to share some activities I joined recently.Me and my group friends went to a camp on 25-26 December 2009.Overall I like the camp,it like a motivation camp with speech from Prof Zabidi, which many of us find it very inspiring.Well, he is a such a humble doctor with a great personality and experience.Masya Allah,he is great, from my point of view.Thanks for all the senior who involved in organising such a next to perfect camp, like this.No pressure.From this camp, I am more closer to my friends who never had time to know each other.We spend a great time together and feel we are all alike, no difference.

All pic that I find sweet.The last picture is girls dorm.Subhanallah, what a wow.Hope you enjoy this.

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jan said...

gmbr yg last 2, dah editted...sbb 2 cntik cm 2, colourful... gmbr ori warna dull...