Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ramadhan is just around the corner

yeay, opps Assalamu alaikom my dear

I'm so happy today ,it is 30 rejab ( the month of Islam) and shaaban and then ramadan,Ya Allah i hope to meet ramadhan this year,

i cant wait the blessing of ramadan and its fast , and taraweh in the night and i will fast again with family at home yeayyyyy :DD  i cant describe it, but my life began in ramadan, my starting point to know islam and being a better muslimah has been started in ramadan so, u know how much Ramadan meant to me,. Well, i have listdown some job to do for ramadan so , ..( for renew imaan and 3amal) so i guess u also need one too..yeah definitely, u should have one or two like reciting whole Quran , memorise new suraah,

we cant treat ramadan as a normal month,no no hope not. it s the month when shaytaaan is caught and only we ourselves struggle for higher imaan or lower, we decide

ok, ma3 alsalameh :D

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