Monday, October 4, 2010

maher zain @malaysia

i adore his awesome song because some are really related to me . indeed i have all his song and insha Allah song in 3 languages ; arabic, english and french .i love all...and I said to my friend before; if he ever coming to malaysia, i ll go to his concert no matter how expensive it is. and now i know he will be coming but i cant never had a chance.phewww...shah alam and kelantan so far away...

Open your eyes and incha Allah ~ really make me appreciate this world


mawaddah said...

what? he is coming to Malaysia? wahh, i love him too! all his songs are superb! haha! hmm, if only i could go, oh well,

now, his concert shud be aired on tv! not like those singers who..u noe..haha

sayyidah cliff nafisah said...

yeah, dear .so lambat la you.ticket dia dh habis dah.becose I am his die hard fan but not true sgt, i already have his schedules during his tme in malaysia.the 1st one is meet his fan at KLIA. so why dont u follow me we chase him , nak tak hehe ?
so true!!! wajib aired kat tv, kalo x ...i dont know what to say..