Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Abaya again


I will go home tonight but before I went to Pasar Siti Khadijah,MPKB and other store to buy some souvenirs( aka serunding daging and some keropok) to bring home.I didnt plan to buy any abaya as I got 4 abayas now, but I heart one awesome Mecca abaya and grab it.Am I crazy??I own many now and I rarely wear it but I heart them...Seriously some friends accompanied me said: Black again?? But I said, I just feel it elegant haha wearing black.Yeah, thats true, if my mom find out I bought one today, maybe she will angry with me.I think my friend didnt feel that I should wear it unless some event..but thats it.Sometimes I wish I stay somewhere where people didnt care what you are wearing.Or maybe in a place where lots of people wear abaya as a routine wear.And you know where it is.

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v!pc@ss!e said...

nah..... don't.. no... never listen to them. if you feel comfortable just wear it. who cares!!! gotta to be brave to be a fashionista ehh... ^_^