Sunday, August 16, 2009

During 4 days holiday

August 15
I m turning 21, and at home, this is very nice moment to spend time with family.No cake and present but I(with sis) made a nice superb spaghetti and I can give it 5 star for this.It was amazing you know.
Driving car today after 1 hour practise yesterday.Al7amdulillah, I've made it.That s I consider for my birthday present tomorrow.I got license at 21..not bad^_^

August 13
Arrived my hometown around 4:30am.Al7amdulillah, I overslept but suddenly wake up and just out of the bus. And once I reached home, I just go to another sleep.And woke up at 7am because I got a driving car class.What a rush day.Feeling sleepy and sleep while headed to that class.Hush.Never feel that way.

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srikandibi0L0gi said...

wahh !
congratz dah dpt lesen keta..
jom kita mmandu sesama..