Saturday, January 5, 2013



Most of us may have something in mind regarding what we will be in 4-5 years later . ummm I do have , lot of them , what to achieve , my goals and everything but I don't know . I feel as if I just want to concentrate with what I;m doing right studying, enjoying my student time before it lasted and just happy with my life.

Sometimes, it is hard when you have like 1000000 wishes that we wnt to do and at that moment somehting happen and you feel that : okay , I m tired of all these and I 'm not going to dream about it anymore and i wanna focus only to my current condition. That's it.

Hmmm, ( take a breath). I feel like a loser. I have probably many dream to achieve in 5 years - but i think I m gonna sick about it , ( means i wanna to forget about it, not to carried away by that, and ok later i will start to think again.

but I promised to myself that I will do and stay focus on at least 5 things this year (insha allah)

1) Put priority on my study and graduate in time Insha ALlah - revise what I forget and practise it - try my best to become a competent muslima doctor
2) Spend my money eagerly, I shoud have  at least RM3000 to save this semester . it is COMPULSORYY!!!
3) No more shopping online unless it is something beneficial, no more branded oh lala stop it, it gonna kill you - branded things SUCKS
4) Keep my self away from facebook and twitter and others  social what not plasee
5) REad at least hadith, memorise new suraah , and revise everyday



iremi nisces said...

Asalamu alaikum, interesting read thanks for sharing and keep it up. By the way do you know what Ith-khir is? Come see.. Share some words :)

Take Care

sayyidah nafisah said...

W alaikom salam wr Allah :)I read your blog but I totally have no iodea what is it :) Keep searching for ilm :)
Take care too

xoxo, nafisah