Saturday, January 5, 2013

o Allah, I need you in my life


when i felt like a not-so-good-feeling this week, and I asked : WHy??? where is my friend? where is everyone when I need them the most. I m just alone and I found this 

I feel like , Alhamdulillah ! Allah swt with me for all these time, just I didnt realise
and I found this too


Aha, I feel like ooooooh why don't I just trust on ALlah these times 
I agree and I think sometimes, the problem we faced cant have solution on that particular time, but patient (sabr) and solat (du'a) help it most of the time.It works. but not in our time. it works on Allah's plan
Stau focus and be strong



mine_only said...

be positive & stay strong chinggu~~~! you've made it this far, one can bring you down unless you allow them so!!

sayyidah nafisah said...

Thank youuuu
doakan kejayaan kita bersama .

Perjalanan tu sukar, tp kelak manis insha Allah